Emergency Response Planning

Noyes offers Corporate Level and Site Specific emergency response planning.We prepare site specific sour well, and corporate Emergency Response Plans. We devote our attention to managing the smallest and most complex details.

We offer comprehensive preparation from project initiation to implementation of the plans.

Every operator company intending to participate in acquiring oil & gas assets must comply with ERCB requirements to have a Corporate-Level Emergency Response Plan. (See following excerpt )

ERCB Directive 071: Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements for the Petroleum Industry (November 2008)  Page 10 states:

 "Site-specific ERPs are not required for every drilling, production, or pipeline operation in the province. When a site-specific ERP is not required, a corporate-level ERP is used by the licensee to handle emergency events. 

The licensee must have a corporate-level ERP with preplanned procedures that will aid in effective response to an emergency.The licensee is expected to determine the level of detail required to address each item in a corporate-level ERP based on the hazards and potential consequences of the emergency scenarios that its operations pose to the public and/or environment and to keep the plans current. Corporate-level ERPs do not require ERCB approval; however, the ERCB may request that they be submitted for review."

Noyes assists in developing a client's initial corporate level ERP and subsequent site specific ERP as required. Our cost effective ERP is based on the Incident Command System (ICS) which is a standardized management system designed to enable effective and efficient incident management. It has the flexibility and adaptability to be applied to a broad variety and size of incidents, events and disciplines. ICS is used by most levels of government and increasingly by private sector and nongovernmental organizations.

The ERCB strongly recommends that the ICS system be used in Emergency Response Planning. Noyes has incorporated this system into all emergency response plans.

Noyes is pleased to offer these services to assist you, so if you are planning a drilling project and need experienced help with developing an emergency response plan, please contact us by phone or e-mail