Overview of Services

For over 36 years Noyes has steadily been there for our clients providing qualified personnel for surface lease acquisitions, construction, drilling, completions, workovers, abandonments, reclamations, pipelines, compressor stations, facilities etc. Every step of the way you can depend on Noyes Engineering & Supervision to look after your interests.


Project Management

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What Makes Us Different

Noyes Engineers and Supervisors are assigned to operations related closely to their past experience. Noyes utilizes the knowledge and skills acquired over more than 40 years of working in the industry to contribute to successful client projects. Qualified personnel matched to our clients for their specific requirements. Our management provide 24 hour/day back-up to all of our Supervisors and Engineers.

As a professional company,we aim to assist clients in seeking out the most cost-effective route to optimize recovery of their reserves. Our objective to maximize efficiency and maintain high value for our clients .