Noyes' completion consultants have a variety of experience and knowledge that are capable of supervising all types of completion and re-completion projects including shallow, deep, SAGD, unconventional, sour, critical, directional, and horizontal, re-entry, coil tubing and under-balanced well programs. All of Noyes's completion supervisors have a strong focus on getting the job done in a safe, cost effective and timely manner. Noyes' supervisors are competent in all aspects of drilling field operations. Our supervisors are trained to be in communication with our technical team at all times to discuss cost control measures, well design, flow and build-up tests, stimulation techniques and equipment bidding to increase value to the customer.

Noyes can supply you with all preparations normally associated with the commencement of a completion or re-completion operation.

Our team is able to provide but not limited to:

Noyes consistently strives to maximum your value by reducing well costs and utilizing the leading edge in technology and equipment.Noyes’s management maintains a close relationship with the field supervisors so they may provide you with a continuous flow of technical information, assistance and support.

Our office and field personnel have extensive experienced on various types of wells including: shallow, deep, sour, critical, directional and horizontal Wells.

Noyes is pleased to offer these services to assist you, so if you are planning a completion project and need experienced help; please contact us by phone or e-mail.