Overview of Services

For over 36 years Noyes has steadily been there for our clients providing qualified personnel for surface lease acquisitions, construction, drilling, completions, workovers, abandonments, reclamations, pipelines, compressor stations, facilities etc. Every step of the way you can depend on Noyes Engineering & Supervision to look after your interests.


Project Management
  • From lease acquisition to pipelines, compressor stations, facilties
  • ERCB -submissions including H2S
  • Site specific ERP as required
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Engineering and field personnel for construction,drilling,completions, workovers, abandonments, pipelines, facilties & beyond
  • Drilling, Completion and workover programs for sweet or sour wells
  • Sour well licence applications
  • Clean-up and abandonments
  • Design,manage, and supervise construction of Pipelines, Facilities, Compressor Stations etc

Other Services


  • Cost estimates for construction, drilling, completions, workovers, production facilities, compressor stations pipelines,etc
  • Bid management and, quotes for rigs, drilling fluids, casing, cement, production facilities and pipelines, compressor stations and other related services

Emergency Response Plans

  • Corporate Response Plans
  • H2S Drilling Emergency Response Plans